About Me

Greetings from far, far away, or nearby…depends on where you live. lol  I’m Danielle Rose, and I run this blog. I have been baking since forever…or so it seems. When I bake I’m happy, especially when I get to try my deliciousness before putting it in the oven…like cookie dough…I think this is what kept me baking, getting to lick the spoon/bowl before it gets washed. Yep this is me!

I’m married to an amazing man, whom I call hubby throughout this blog, his authentic name is Benjamin. Together we have five kiddos, who wag their tails every time they see us. All of our children have been rescued, and love living a spoiled life. I bake for them as well, so they don’t miss out on all the fun.

I bake to make you happy, and me, let’s not forget I like to be happy too! On this delicious blog there will be baking of everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, and whatever else comes to mind. Baking is no longer just for desserts, I’m breaking out of that mold!

Enjoy baking some mouthwatering,  lip smacking food that will make everyone happy!